Vince Cate's Space Books

Click on links to see pictures of a set of books on a shelf. For understanding space tech, I can recommend all the books in #1 and #2, and a couple of the leftmost reentry books. Some of the history books have some tech too. My interest is in understanding how a reusable rocket and space tether could be designed to take tourists into space cheaply.
  1. Good books for understanding space technology The one on far left is the Air Force Space Planners Guide, a favorite. Lunar Base Handbook could be here but I put it in the next category. It is a very good book.
  2. Space technology and vision of the future
  3. Space technology and vision of the future in last 25 years
  4. Good space history books and also these. Project Orion, Korolev, and Rockets Missiles and Men In Space are some favorites.
  5. Books on reentry - favorites on the left. I feel we have yet to demonstrate a really reusable reentry system. So I am particularly interested in this area.
  6. Space Tethers - not many books
  7. Oversized books
  8. Picture books Favorites here are Full Moon and The Home Planet.
  9. Misc or not top tier books
  10. Misc again
  11. Older Tech books - can get many for $10 to $20
  12. Airplane related
  13. Space Science
  14. Not space books but related
For used books I have been very happy with Almost all of of my used books came from there. For new books I mostly use because they have free shipping. A really extensive collection of space books can be found at, though only a few of these came from there. They give discounts if your are ordering several books at once.

Links to other sites:

  1. Mark Wade's recommendations extensive collection of space history books - less space tech books
  2. McGraw Hill Space Technology Series has very good space tech books

If you know of other sites recommending space books pleas let me know. If you know of particularly good space tech or recent tech and vision type books please let me know. My email is vince @ and for the subject put "Space Books" so it get automatically sorted into a folder I read and not left with all the spam where it might get missed.